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How to deal with chicken manure in chicken farms

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1. Chicken manure pit storage method:

At present, the simplest method of chicken manure treatment is to directly treat it to the surrounding growers. Using the pit storage method, the chicken manure is simply dried and used as fertilizer. Chicken manure is rich in organic fertilizer and contains rich organic elements such as hydrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It acts on farmland ecological health without pollution and can effectively increase the yield of crops;

2. Chicken manure regenerated feed:

After proper processing, chicken manure can be used as pig feed, fish feed, cattle feed, etc. Now the most common chicken manure regenerated feed processing method is to use a chicken manure regenerated feed fermentation machine. Chicken manure can also be used to raise earthworms, in order to make the most appropriate application of chicken manure and reduce environmental pollution;

3. Chicken manure power generation:

In recent years, biological treatment methods have become more and more popular, and fermentation tank power generation has gradually been promoted. Chicken manure power generation has also become a general direction of chicken manure treatment.

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