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How to choose a nipple drinker

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With the advancement of science and technology, raising poultry has become a large-scale and industrialized project, and it no longer relies entirely on manual raising. With the increasing number of large-scale breeding plants, drinking fountains used by poultry provide convenient and hygienic drinking water for poultry, which can effectively prevent the spread of diseases. A good drinking fountain has a very obvious impact on poultry breeding.

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The nipple drinker is a drinking device that has been commonly used in various chicken farms. It can realize automatic drinking of chickens, and has the functions of saving water, saving materials, sanitation, and preventing cross-infection of chicken diseases and the spread of infectious diseases. Etc.


Qualified drinking fountain products should meet at least the following two requirements in terms of performance: 

first, the valve opening force should be small and easy to start; 

second, when the nipple is automatically closed, the drinking fountain should have no leakage to avoid long flow of water from the nipple. Among them, the no-leakage indicator is the key to measuring the performance of the product. 

At present, the leakage-free interval of domestic products (referring to the interval between two adjacent leakage drops on the nipple, which is used to describe the sealing performance of the product) is generally less than 5 minutes, and a considerable number of products have a leakage-free interval of less than 5 minutes. 

The leakage interval is only about one minute, causing a large amount of water to accumulate in the manure pit in the chicken house, seriously polluting the environment. Although the products of the American VAL company are marked with a leak-free interval of more than 10 minutes, the actual measurement is only about 6 minutes; the nipple drinkers produced by the German Lubing company only talk about good sealing, but do not mark the leak-free interval. All the above situations show that it is still a very arduous task to achieve the indicator of product leakage-free interval greater than 10 minutes.


Currently known nipple drinker products include spring type, cone type, ball valve type and other structures, with the ball valve type structure being the more advanced. Conventional ball valve products use a pin rod and a steel ball to control the water outlet of the drinking fountain. The steel ball and the cavity are closely matched to achieve a sealing effect.

The nipple drinker for raising chickens has a shell with inlet and outlet openings at the upper and lower ends respectively. A sealing rubber seat with a water outlet at the bottom is installed in the lower part of the shell. The inner circumferential lower part of the rubber seat has a To expand the step, pass the nail stem of a stainless steel pin from top to bottom through the rubber seat and the water outlet of the housing, and make the pin cover rest on the expanded step of the rubber seat. There is a stainless steel ball placed in between. 

When in use, when the chicken pulls the pin, the drinking fountain can provide water conveniently. The product has the advantages of simple structure, small valve lifting force, good sealing performance and easy implementation.

The touch rod of the waterer is in direct contact with the poultry. The poultry lifts up or touches the rod sideways to make the waterer drip for the poultry to drink: when the touch rod is lifted up, the touch rod and the water control rod move upward together, and the ball table is separated from the arc surface. , the contact is separated from the step surface, the water flow channel is opened, and the water dispenser drips; when the side touches the rod, the contact rod tilts, and one end of the contact is tilted, causing the water control rod to move upward, the ball table is separated from the arc surface, and the contact is separated from the step Only one side of the surface is in contact, the other side is separated, and the water dispenser is dripping.

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Advantages of Nipple Drinkers:

The nipple drinker has a highly sensitive valve stem and 360° water discharge, providing clean and fresh water for the chickens.

Easy to install, removable and easy to clean

High-precision silicone pad, no leakage, no clogging, durable and long service life

Scientific water flow design meets low water pressure requirements

Stainless steel drinking spout, anti-corrosion; ABS engineering plastic, good wear resistance

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