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How to care for chickens in autumn?

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How to take care of chickens in autumn? After continued hot weather in summer, chickens' appetite decreases. indigestion. weakness. Growth and development are slow, body weight is low, and egg production rate is reduced. As we all know, the temperature and the temperature difference between day and night vary greatly in autumn and winter.


Large-scale breeding requires the use of breeding equipment. It gives chickens a warm and comfortable environment, allowing them to lay eggs better. In this article, we will provide you with advice on raising chickens in autumn and what you should pay attention to when raising 5 chickens in autumn. You can check out our other ways to keep your chicken coop from getting wet in the fall.



The chicken's spirit, appetite and feces should be observed when feeding in the morning and evening. Mentally tired person. Those with loss of appetite and abnormal stools should be isolated for further examination.


Enhancing nutrition is the most important skill in raising chickens. After the fall. Alternate hot and cold air. And the temperature changes significantly. Special attention should be paid to adding a variety of vitamins and trace elements to chicken feed and adding vitamin C to drinking water to reduce stress. For hens that lay eggs for a long time, if they are not managed well, resulting in physical exhaustion, it is easy to stop laying eggs and molt. At this time, the nutritional level of the feed should be improved, and animal protein feed and multivitamins should be appropriately supplemented. And set up sufficient feed troughs anddrinking water to ensure that each chicken has a suitable place to eat and drink.


When raising chickens in autumn, by minimizing the impact of climate change on chickens, the chicken house is smaller and the climate change is smaller, reducing the temperature difference between day and night. For outdoor broilers. They are driven into shade or cool areas when daytime temperatures are too high, and indoors when nighttime temperatures are cooler.


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The chicken coop is very important for chickens. Raising chickens in autumn needs to be dry and well ventilated. Keep the air in the chicken house fresh and odor-free.


In autumn, the weather changes greatly in the morning and evening, from cold to hot, which is the period of high incidence of the following diseases. How to prevent chickens from getting sick is the most important skill in raising chickens in autumn.


The mental state of the chickens is still good, but they grow slowly and have pale crowns. Some have white strips of feces or mucus. The feces contain undigested feed. The feces are light yellow. Some chickens appear listless and have shrunken heads. trembling. Running back and forth, it's easy to scream and become paralyzed. The incidence rate of chickens is about 1%, there are leftover chickens every day, and the mortality rate is 0.5%.


The humidity in autumn is high, which is a prone period for intestinal diseases in chickens. in this case. You need to add good gut bacteria to your feed. When raising chickens in autumn, supplementing beneficial bacteria can restore intestinal function, improve digestion and absorption of chickens, and balance the ratio of anaerobic bacteria and aerobic bacteria. As the chickens grow older, the benefits will naturally increase.


Detecting antibodies is the most effective way to prevent diseases and is also one of the ways to raise chickens. It's a good idea to test after the chickens have spent the summer and the antibodies have dropped. During seasons when respiratory diseases such as Newcastle disease occur, antibody titers should be detected in a timely manner and immunization sequence methods should be adjusted to maximize breeding benefits. If the immunity of laying hens decreases, it will naturally affect the egg production rate. It has a significant effect on improving egg production performance, regulating intestinal flora disorders, and enhancing chicken immunity.

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When the temperature is high in summer, chickens will become thinner in all aspects of their bodies. Chicken farming in Falit is in the period of gaining weight, and chicken farmers need to feed more chickens to make up for the weight lost in the summer. It is at this time that laying hens gain weight and produce more eggs. It is recommended to check the growth of the flocks every one to two weeks during the laying period and to feed different flocks.


Since the beginning of autumn, the weather will slowly turn cooler, and the temperature difference between day and night will begin to increase. This is also a stage when respiratory diseases are prone to outbreaks. Breeding friends must strengthen management and prevent and control in advance.

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