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How to build a modern chicken coop?

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1. Modern chicken farm design

The construction of standardized livestock and poultry farms can adapt to the requirements of agricultural industrialization, improve the quality and efficiency of agriculture and rural economy, and establish a timely supporting processing industry, so as to form a one-stop agricultural production system of planting, breeding, processing, and sales. Cultivate new economic growth points, promote the development of the primary and secondary industries in the region, thus indirectly drive the tertiary industry, promote the healthy development of the livestock and poultry industry in the project area, accelerate the adjustment of the rural economic structure, and achieve the goal of enriching the people, farmers, and counties The second is to strengthen the protection and construction of the ecological environment, thoroughly control the "dirty, smelly, and chaotic" environment caused by waste, and beautify and purify the living environment.


2. Basic planning content of chicken farm construction

A. Site selection: avoid intensive breeding areas, and the water quality is better.

B. Feeding mode: two-stage cage rearing for brooding and laying eggs.

C.Chicken house construction: Closed chicken house, cascaded or stepped feeding, cement floor, white cement on the wall, automatic drinking water, feeding, ventilation system, manure cleaning, etc.

3. Construction plan of laying hen farm

A. The overall layout of the chicken farm

①Overall principle: Consider the convenience of epidemic prevention and organization of production. The layout of the site is divided into production area, office area, living area, auxiliary production area, sewage and manure treatment area and other areas.

②Arrangement principle: According to the dominant wind direction, terrain height and water flow direction, they are living area, office area, auxiliary production area, production area and sewage treatment area. If the terrain is inconsistent with the wind direction, the prevailing wind direction shall prevail.

B. Layout in the chicken farm

The overall planning should comprehensively consider factors such as the orientation of the chicken house, the distance between the chicken houses, roads, sewage, fire prevention, and epidemic prevention. Install fans, water curtains, small windows for ventilation, and adopt mechanical manure removal, mechanical feeding, automatic lighting, and automatic drinking water systems.


① Orientation of a single-house chicken house: Use east-west or south-to-east (or west) at about 15 degrees, which is conducive to improving the temperature of the winter house and avoiding summer solar radiation. The principle is to use the dominant wind direction to improve the ventilation conditions of the chicken house.

②Chicken house spacing: There are two types of single-row chicken houses and double-row chicken houses. The spacing between chicken houses is 10-20 meters for brooding and growing houses, and 10-15 meters for laying hens.

③Chicken farm roads: There are two types of chicken farm roads: clean roads and dirty roads. The clean roads are used to transport feed, chickens and eggs in the farm, and the dirty roads are used to transport manure, dead chickens and sick chickens. The two shall not be used interchangeably.

C. Construction of chicken farm auxiliary facilities

① Disinfection pool at the gate of the chicken farm: The farm area and the outside world should be clearly separated, and disinfection pools should be set up in different areas of the farm and at the entrance of the gate. The length of the vehicle disinfection pool is 1.3 to 1.5 times the length of passing vehicles. The depth of the disinfection pool is ~30 to ~50 cm.  

chicken farm equipment (64)

Chicken farm road design: The requirements of transportation and epidemic prevention should be considered in the design of roads in the farm. It is required that the clean and dirty should be separated, the diversion should be clear, not cross each other, the drainage should be good, and the road surface quality should be good. It is recommended to use a concrete structure for the road, with a thickness of 15 to 18 cm. , the concrete strength is above C20, and the distance between the road and the building is 2 to 4 meters. The minimum width of the road surface outside the venue is about 4 to 8 meters for two medium-sized cars to pass each other smoothly.

③Water supply and drainage design: The site has two wells for use and backup wells, and a pump house, water tower and pipelines need to be built. The production and domestic waste water is discharged through buried pipes, and the drainage route of the rainwater should be designed according to the terrain of the site, so as to achieve the principle of no water accumulation and smooth sewage when it rains.

④ Field circuit design: The operating voltage is 220V/380V, and the power supply should be selected nearby. The power of the transformer should meet the maximum power load in the field. A chicken farm with a high degree of mechanization must be equipped with a backup generator.


One of the limiting factors of poultry farming is that it is capital intensive. If you want to start a poultry farm, the equipment mentioned is something you need to get. Some of these pieces of equipment are very important and you can run a poultry farm without this equipment.

One thing you need to know is that you can start small with what you have and expand slowly. If you go through the list above, you will get the low-budget poultry farming equipment if you don’t have much money on you to start the business.

The slogan for success in any business is to Just Start. Start with what you have and with time and patience, you will surely get there.

Want to start a poultry business? Start your journey by reading the article How to choose Equipments for your First Chickens?

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