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How much does it cost to start a small chicken farm

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Compared with other things, raising chickens requires less investment and lower risk. When raising chickens, you must choose a good breed, and the economics brought by different chickens are also different.


Compared with the farming of other products, chicken farming has the characteristics of less investment, low risk and high profit. Before establishing a chicken farm, you need to choose a chicken breed suitable for your own farming. There are many varieties of chickens, which are roughly divided into native chickens, broilers, and pheasants. Each chicken breed is subdivided into many breeds, and different chicken breeds are selected, and the economic benefits produced by the chicken farm are also different. Comparing broiler chickens with native chickens, the market price of native chickens is 1 to 2 times the price of broilers, or even higher, and the popularity is also higher than that of broiler chicken products. In terms of the breeding environment, the breeding scale of broilers is generally larger than that of native chickens. And it is a full-factory farming, which is more convenient to manage.

The investment cost required for a chicken farm Now the editor takes raising 500 native chickens as an example, and estimates how much money is needed to run a chicken farm. The investment estimate reflects the feasibility of the project, and is also conducive to the raising and preparation of funds. Chicken farm investment mainly includes the following aspects:

1.Fixed investment, including design costs, construction costs, renovation costs of construction projects, and equipment costs for purchasing poultry breeding equipment, transportation costs, installation costs, etc.

2. Working capital: mainly includes feed, water and electricity, fuel, immunization medicines, selection of chicken breeds, etc. The feed cost accounts for 70-80% of the entire breeding investment.

Investment analysis of a chicken farm A chicken farm with 500 chickens is a small-scale chicken farm. From the perspective of the cost of building a factory, including building a chicken shed and purchasing breeding equipment, the fixed costs are generally between 7,000 and 10,000 RMB, of which Including changes in material prices, scrapping and deformation costs of used materials. Native chickens drink less water, and the cost of drinking water for small-scale chicken farms is basically negligible.


From the perspective of feeding costs, the cost of raising native chickens mainly includes the cost of chicklings, feed costs and epidemic prevention costs. Calculated at 4 yuan for a female chick, the cost of 500 chicks is 500*4=2000 yuan.

The cost of feeding a chicken for four months is about 12-14 yuan (respectively, 6 catties of grain, 1 catty/1 yuan, or 6 yuan, 3 catties of Tenebrio molitor, and the cost of a catty is 1.5 yuan, or 4.5 yuan, 3 catties of fly maggots, 0.5 yuan per catty, or 1.5 yuan), and the cost of 500 instant feed consumption is 500*14=7000 yuan.

Total investment: 7000 yuan + 2000 yuan = 9000 yuan.

Gross profit analysis of chicken farms Under normal circumstances, it can be slaughtered after four months of feeding. A chicken can be as low as 2.5 catties to 3 catties. Each chicken is calculated at 2.5 catties. The minimum survival rate is calculated at 90%, that is, 500 chickens × 0.9/survival rate × 2.5 jin/piece × 15 yuan (wholesale price)/jin = 16875 yuan.

Excluding the investment of 9,000 yuan in chicken fry and feed, the net profit is about 7,875 yuan. In this way, the minimum income for raising a native chicken is about 15 yuan.

The annual net profit of a farmer raising free-range native chickens is: 7875*3-10000=13628 yuan.

The above are the costs of raising chickens and building a chicken farm. Those who want to enter the chicken industry need to understand these things.

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