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How do you automate a poultry farm?

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In recent years, with the advancement of environmental policies across the farming also face new challenges, the current poultry farming automation equipment has entered the rapid development of the chicken breeding industry upgrading by mechanization, automation, intelligent system to complete the poultry equipment.

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With a persistent reduction in labor supply and a rise in labor prices, poultry farm automation is theneed of the hour.For you, as a poultry farmer, it is of crucial importance to achieve the proper housing con

ditions for your animals. It allows them to grow better and perform optimally. The key to attaining the best possible control of your production process is automating and monitoring your barn processes. , For large farms beginning with more than 4000 chickens, automated feeding systems are suitable.


Automatic feeding system are available in a range of systems for broilers and breeders. While thebroiler range is designed to focus on High FCR & lowest feed wastage, the breeder range targeta ccurate feeding & ease of use to your workforce & managers at the farm.


Pan Feeding System

All selected feeders could be used from day old chicks to heavy birds in the final grow-out phase. And these also keeps the birds growing with the best feed conversion.

The feeding plate of each chicken can feed about 14-16 broilers and young chickens Poultry feders are easy to clean and assemble.



Nipple drinker system.

theres a clear relationship between the two in livestock rearing. The animalswater intake determines how much they eat. For successful growth, both are essential.

So we need to make sure the chickens get enough water every day,

At the same time we keep the water clean

Automatic drinking system is therefore easy to control. Adjusting the water pressure, flushing or changing the height of the nipples are one-person jobs that can be carried out quickly and precisely.


Advantages of automatic feeding system in poultry farming

Today, in order to save labor and increase job quality, many farmers would prefer to use someautomated poultry farming to help farmers complete the chicken raising work.

1. The automatic chicken feeding system directly pushes the material, is safe, convenient,energy-saving, no noise, and the reaction of the chicken is small.

2. 95% more energy than the overhead feeder, but one eighth of it is the price.

3. The automatic chicken feeding system can replace the work of more than a dozen people.

which can reduce labor, improve farming level and breeding efficiency.

4.For 20 minutes, the automated chicken feeding system will deliver 10,000 chickens tocomplete one feeding.


This helps to improve the environment in the house while reducing labor cost, saving food andchicken feeding on time, control the temperature sensor for the freshness of the chicken foodand avoid contaminated food from chicken faeces and insects.



In developed nations, poultry has a big role to play. Development is relatively low-cost and easilyavailable. Automation plays a significant role in all sectors nowadays. Automation provides thenearby artifacts and people with protection and comfort. Recent improvements in feeding with aview to improving animal welfare and development.

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