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Equipment Guide for Chicken Farms Needed

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(1) Heating equipment

As long as the purpose of heating and heat preservation can be achieved, heating methods such as electric heating, water heating, gas heating, coal stove can be used. However, it should be noted that coal stove heating is dirty and prone to gas poisoning, so a chimney must be added.

When designing the house, pay attention to heat insulation.

(2) Ventilation equipment

Closed chicken houses must use mechanical ventilation, such as fans, which can be divided into horizontal ventilation and longitudinal ventilation according to the direction of air flow in the house. Horizontal ventilation means that the airflow direction in the house is perpendicular to the long axis of the house, and longitudinal ventilation means that a large number of fans are concentrated in one place. Thus, the airflow in the house is parallel to the long axis of the house.

ventilation equipment

 The research and practice since 1988 has proved that the effect of longitudinal ventilation is better, and it can eliminate and overcome the dead angle of ventilation in the house and the phenomenon of small and uneven wind speed during horizontal ventilation, and at the same time eliminate the disadvantages of cross-infection between chicken houses caused by horizontal ventilation.

(3) Water supply equipment

From the point of view of saving water and preventing bacterial contamination, nipple drinking fountains are the most ideal water supply equipment, and high-quality water-tight drinking fountains must be selected.

Now the most common way to raise chickens and laying hens in cages is the V-shaped sink, which is often supplied with running water, but it takes energy to scrub the water every day.

chicken nipple drinker

The pendant-type automatic drinking fountain can be used when raising chicks on a flat floor, which is hygienic and water-saving.

Nipple drinker: The advantage of its chicken farm equipment is that it saves water, is conducive to epidemic prevention, and does not need to be cleaned and replaced frequently. The disadvantage of chicken farm equipment is that each floor of the chicken house needs to be equipped with a decompression water tank, which is not conducive to drinking water immunity, and has high requirements for materials and manufacturing precision.

Chicken drinking nipple with cup: the advantages are water saving and easy cleaning. The disadvantage ofchicken farm equipment is that the height of the drinking fountain needs to be adjusted according to the different growth stages of the chicken flock.

(4) Feeding equipment

Food troughs are mainly used, and long troughs are used for chickens in cages. This feeding method can also be used when raising broods flat, and can also be fed with hanging buckets.


The shape of the trough has a great influence on the throwing of feed for the chickens. If the trough is too shallow and there is no edge protection, more feed will be wasted.

(5) Egg collection equipment

Chicken farms with a high degree of mechanization use conveyor belts to automatically collect eggs, which has high efficiency but a high breakage rate. In October, most chicken farmers use manual egg collection.

(6) Manure cleaning equipment

General chicken farms use manual cleaning, and larger chicken farms can use mechanical cleaning.

(7) chicken cage

Brooding can use mesh panels, or a three-dimensional multi-layer brooder: In addition to raising chickens on flat nets, overlapping or stepped rearing cages are often used; farmers usually use 60-70 days old to directly transfer to laying hen cages. Purchase the most scientific poultry equipment: the chicken cage area must be guaranteed.

chicken farm equipment (52)

First the cage:

Chicken farm equipment full ladder chicken cage: the upper and lower cages are completely staggered, and ordinary chicken cages have 2-3 floors. Its advantages are: no need to install a manure board at the bottom of the cage, if it is a manure pit, there is no manure cleaning system; the structure is simple; each cage has a large ventilation and lighting surface. Disadvantages are: large floor area, low feed density, and high investment in equipment.

Half-step chicken cage: The upper and lower cages of the chicken farm equipment overlap by 1/4-1/2, and a certain angle of dung guard is installed above the overlapping part of the lower layer. The ventilation effect is worse than that of the full-step chicken cage, but the stocking density is higher.

Breeding chicken cages: Generally, 2-3 layers of chicken farm equipment overlapping or semi-stepped cages are used.

(8) Lighting equipment

Common light bulbs are generally used for lighting in China, and the development trend is to use heating energy-saving lamps. Many chicken farms install timing automatic control switches to replace manual switches to ensure accurate and reliable lighting time.

(9) Incubation equipment

Incubation equipment: refers to the general term for items needed in the hatching process, including: incubators, hatchers, hatching machine accessories, special items for hatching rooms, heating equipment, humidifying equipment, and various measurement systems, etc.

(10) Disinfection equipment

Agricultural sprayers, air pumps, disinfection tanks for disinfection of vehicles entering and leaving chicken farms, mechanical cleaning and washing equipment, ultraviolet irradiation lamps, dry heat sterilization equipment, flame sterilization equipment, boiling disinfection equipment, high-pressure steam sterilizers, electronic sterilizers, spray Sterilized mechanical equipment, disinfectant machine, biological disinfection facilities, filtration and sterilization equipment, disinfection and protective equipment, etc.

(11) Other equipment

Immunization and treatment equipment: continuous syringes, puncture needles, etc.

Beak trimming equipment: electric beak trimmer, electric soldering iron, etc.

Weighing equipment: spring scales, steelyards, electronic scales, etc.

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