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Eight bird signs indicating water quality problems

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1.Lower oxygen uptake in the blood, resulting in lethargic animals, reduced fertility in breeders and the blueish comb, lobes and head; causes high nitrite level (> 1 mg/l)

2.Respiratory problems; cause high nitrate levels (can be converted into nitrite) (>200 mg/l)

3.Diarrhoea; cause high potassium level (>300 mg/l)

4.Cerebral symptoms, wry neck and lameness; cause high sodium level (>200 mg/l)

5.Blocked nerve conduction, smell of rotten eggs; cause high sulfide level, conversion from sulfate under the influence of bacteria (>250 mg/l)

6.Intestinal dysfunction; cause a high level of iron (>5 mg/l)

7.Intestinal dysfunction, various bacterial problems; cause E. coli (>100 kev/ml)

8.Weaker resistance; cause Mycotoxins (produced by moulds)

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