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Correct Water Pressure Is Key to Nipple Drinker Water Supply

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It is often believed that an unlimited supply of drinking water is good for poultry production. This is not surprising in itself, but what is more important is how to make drinking water available to animals efficiently. Since the use of nipple drinkers has become more or less the normal way of supplying water, the animal's need for drinking water and the supply of drinking water must be adapted for each other. Therefore, the key is to understand how to achieve the best water supply.

Richard Wentzel pointed out: "It is a mistake to think that increasing the water supply of nipple drinking systems can increase the water consumption of animals."

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He added that animals, as well as humans, can best satisfy their water cravings by drinking the right amount of water. When you feel thirsty, please do not turn on the faucet to the maximum position to satisfy your desire to drink water. If this is done, there will be a large spill of drinking water and most likely wetting your face and clothes. It is best to adjust the water supply of the nipple drinker to meet drinking needs without overflowing. This is no different from meeting the water requirements of animals. Animals also require a water supply that best meets their drinking needs, and nipple drinkers must be easy to operate and supply no more water than is required for optimum demand and optimum production.

1.Do not wet the floor

In the past, chickens drank from open drinking systems, such as bell drinkers and troughs, changing these to nipple drinkers required a necessary adjustment in thinking about how much water the chickens should be given. An incident that happened in Russia many years ago is a good example. At that time, when the broilers were being refurbished, the water supply system was changed from open to nipple. At the time of handover after work, the house managers are informed on how to properly adjust the water pressure and the water pressure required for the birds to grow. In addition, they are clearly told that by adjusting the water pressure according to this requirement, they will achieve an optimal drinking water supply and there will be no drinking water overflow problems. 

However, during the first production cycle, drinking system appeared to be overflowing even though the house management had adjusted it correctly according to the instructions.At the request of the chicken farm, Wentzel came to the site and conducted a week-long investigation of the drinking water system, which successfully determined the cause. He found that after the house manager had set pressure of the drinking system correctly, the veterinarian turned it up to maximum, believing that the low pressure wasnt enough to provide enough water for the birds.


Based on his own many years of experience working with drinking systems, he believes that it is impossible for poultry to get adequate water from nipple drinkers with low water pressure. By increasing the water pressure, the water supply from the nipple drinker does increase, but the birds are unable to drink this increased water intake and remain more or less wet. After a week of on-site work, Wentzel explained the "doctor" to achieve the desired effect of the drinking water to ensure the quality of the litter.

2. Focus on water supply

Wentzel concluded: "This experience is no exception. Many poultry producers around the world believe that maximum water supply must be applied to nipple drinkers. By paying special attention to the water needs of the birds and their intake, water utilization can be improved. This is optimized so that the litter stays dry and there is less water wastage. That is why it is extremely important to check the nipple drinker water supply daily and get the water pressure correct.


In the current breeding industry, the following aspects must be paid attention to when purchasing nipple drinking fountains:

1. Determine the performance of the nipple drinker based on the type of poultry.

2. Choose regular products from manufacturers with tracking services.

3. Check product quality. Most drinking fountain manufacturers in my country are designed with gaskets, and the internal quality of the gaskets is a key issue. 

Water pressure regulator

A considerable number of manufacturers use natural rubber to make the pads. The lifespan of this kind of pad is only about half a year. In the high temperature environment in summer, it will become soft and stick to the sealing port, resulting in insufficient water supply or even no water. When it is too cold in winter, it becomes hard, easy to age, and often leaks. Such products will bring a lot of trouble to users. The way to check the quality of the gasket is very simple. Use a match or lighter to burn it. If the surface becomes sticky, it cannot be used.

Our company's nipple drinker can be used for cage breeding, free-range breeding (laying hens, broiler chickens, breeder chickens, meat ducks) and other breeding modes. This product has the advantages of good sealing, small valve opening force, 360° tentacles, and extended life. It has obvious effects on epidemic prevention and improving the economic benefits of chicken farms. Since the establishment of the company, based on integrity and quality, it has won wide recognition and trust from customers.

Regarding the installation of nipple drinking fountains, the installation of nipple drinking fountains must be standardized, otherwise it will easily cause problems such as uneven water supply. After the nipple drinker is installed, water should be given immediately. The reason is that when the drinker is just installed, the chicken feels fresh and pecks with its beak. As a result, water comes out as soon as it is pecked. It forms a conditioned reflex and pecks when it is thirsty. If water is not provided in time after installation, the chickens will stop pecking if they cannot peck anything, and they will not know how to drink after being given water.

It can be seen that it is extremely important to choose a high-quality and experienced nipple drinking fountain manufacturer.

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