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Comments on the advantages and disadvantages of drinking fountains commonly used in chicken farms and matters needing attention

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Guarantee the water of chickens is an indispensable part of the breeding management of chicken farms, so when it comes to drinking water, one will think of drinking utensils. Every household in the countryside raises a few chickens to eat or exchange some pocket money. Because there are few chickens, most of the utensils for the chickens are broken pots and pots. Putting it in a chicken farm is not so is not so worried-free.

At present, there are three types of drinking fountains commonly used in chicken farms: vacuum drinking fountains, Plasson drinking fountains, and nipple drinking fountains. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these types of drinking fountains, and what are the precautions for use?

Vacuum chicken drinker

Vacuum chicken drinker

The vacuum drinking fountain, also known as the bell-shaped drinking fountain, is the most familiar chicken drinking fountain. It is more common in small retail farming. Although it has natural defects, it has a huge user market and is enduring for a long time.

Advantages of vacuum drinking fountains: low cost, wear-resistant, durable, and almost zero failure.

Disadvantages of vacuum drinking fountains: manual cleaning is required 1-2 times a day, and water is manually added many times, which is time-consuming and laborious; water is easily polluted.

The installation of the vacuum drinking fountain is simple and consists of only the tank body and the water tray. When using, fill the tank with water, screw on the water tray, and then buckle it upside down on the ground, which is simple and easy to use, and can be placed anytime, anywhere.

Note: In order to reduce the splashing of drinking water, it is recommended adjusting the height of the pad according to the size of the chicken, or to hang it up. Generally, the height of the water tray is at the same level as the chicken's back.

Plasson chicken drinker

Plasson chicken drinker

Plasson drinking fountain is an automatic drinking fountain, which is mostly used in small farms. When it comes to Plasson, there is another story to tell. Does the name Plasson sounds weird? It is not random. Plasson was originally developed by an Israeli company called Plasson. Later, the product came to my country and was quickly prevented by a large number of intelligent people in our country. Finally, Plasson began to be sold to the world from China.

The advantages of Plasson: automatic water supply, strong and durable.

Disadvantages of Plasson: Manual cleaning is required 1-2 times a day, and tap water cannot be directly used for water pressure (water towers or water tanks can be used for the water supply).

Plasson needs to be used with hoses and plastic water pipes.

Nipple drinker

chicken nipple drinker

The nipple drinker is a mainstream drinker in chicken farms. It is very common in large-scale farms and is currently the most recognized automatic drinker.

The advantages of the nipple drinker: sealed, separated from the outside world, not easy to be polluted, and can be cleaned effectively; not easy to leak; reliable water supply; water saving; automatic add water

Disadvantages of nipple drinkers: difficult to install; high cost; uneven quality.

In general, the water output of broilers is: 80-120ml/min; the water output of laying hens is: 30-40ml/min, which is a normal flow. Of course, the specific situation is analyzed in detail, such as fully open chickens. Houses, even for laying hens, need a larger flow to help cool the flock, and it also depends on the breeding density. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to choose a nipple drinker based on price alone, so it is especially important to choose a professional and experienced manufacturer to help you choose the drinker that is suitable for your chicken house.

Note: water immediately after installing the teat, as the chicken will peck it and will not peck it again once there is no water. It is recommended not to use rubber seals for nipple drinkers, which is easy to age and leak, but silicone seals.

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