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Chicken raising technical knowledge

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If you want to raise chickens well, you must manage it well. The premise of efficient chicken raising is to raise chickens scientifically, and the basic requirement of scientific chicken raising is to master the technical knowledge of chicken raising, and easily create and raise chickens by using the technical knowledge of chicken raising. Chicken benefits, farmers should not miss it!


1. See with the eyes: look at the state of the chickens


Observing with eyes is the most intuitive way to understand the current situation of chickens, so when inspecting chickens, you should look more and observe more.


For example, if the chicken has a stuffy nose or a swollen face, the chicken may have respiratory diseases. Another example is that the overall chicken flock is obviously overweight, which may lead to the risk of fatty liver. Therefore, when inspecting the chicken flock, you must pay more attention and not let go of any small clues.



2. Listen with the ears: listen to the sound of the chickens


Because the house can be crowded, the ears are often able to hear what the eyes don't notice. After turning off the lights in the house every day, you can temporarily turn off the noisy chicken breeding equipment (such as ventilation fans, etc.).


Quietly listen to the sound of the chicken, and listen for the sound of coughing, sneezing, or rales. If these sounds are present, it usually means that a chicken may be sick. At this time, the inspection on the second day is to pay special attention.


3. Smell with the nose: feels the air of the chicken coop

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If you want to feel the air in the chicken coop, many farmers may think they are crazy. The smell in the chicken coop can't be avoided, why should you take the initiative to smell it? In fact, it is not for everyone to smell the smell in the chicken coop, but to feel the environment in the chicken coop.


For example, whether the chicken house is ventilated, whether there is a lot of dust, etc. Because the air in the house is also a very important factor affecting the yield. For example, if the ventilation in a chicken house is not good, it may produce a large number of harmful gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc., which will directly lead to conjunctivitis, keratitis or respiratory diseases. Chicken farmers can install a ventilation system, such as ventilation fans, exhaust fan,cooling pad.


4. Hands must be diligent: record more data to facilitate analysis and improvement


Hands must be diligent, which means that you must develop the habit of regularly recording data. In fact, this data recording work is not as difficult as many farmers imagined. Simply put, it is to make a form and fill it out on time.



For example, the body weight of laying hens is regularly weighed and recorded every week, and for example, the temperature and humidity in the chicken house is recorded every day. After the records are completed, these records should be kept. If the egg production rate of this batch of chickens is low or the death rate is high, experience can be found from these data.


5. Ask with your mouth: if you have any questions, you should ask them in time.


Now both Facebook and WhatsApp are very convenient, and there are many communication groups about farming. Farmers can add more groups about farming, such as Phoenix Poultry Equipment Co., Ltds Poultry Feeding Equipment group. Poultry farmers can communicate with members in the group or group leader and gain more farming knowledge.


When asking questions, you should try your best to send out symptoms, onset conditions, onset status, and preferably anatomical results, so that you can communicate with each other better. Don't just send a simple sentence "what if my chicken dies", it will be difficult for others to answer this way.



6. the heart must calculate: to calculate more and more cleverly


The heart is to do not worry about the trouble, to always calculate the relevant ratios. In the process of laying hens, such as feed-to-egg ratio, egg production rate, dead panning rate, etc. Are often used.


Because these data can usually directly reflect the operational status of the chicken farm, the ratio must be calculated according to the relevant formula after collecting the data. In this way, the operational status of the chicken farm can be more directly understood, and the breeding technology can be improved more conveniently.


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