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Chicken raising equipment for large-scale chicken farms

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  1. Brooding equipment

Brooding is divided into two phases:770cbded83b84fca902c6d40f66415e7

The first stage, 0-7 days, the chicks will stay in the incubator for constant temperature protection from the time they are still in the egg state to 7 days after the shell is broken.In the second stage, 7-14 days, the chicks will come out of the incubator and be reared on the floor. Within the specified range, the chicks will be kept warm with lights and fed with chick feeder tray and chicken drinker.

2. Chicken cage

Chicken cages are the main equipment for modern chicken farming, and different cage equipment is suitable for different chicken groups.

Chicken cage equipment can be divided into full ladder type, half ladder type, stacked type, composite type and flat type according to the combination form;

According to the geometric size, it can be divided into deep cage and shallow cage;

According to the type of chicken, it is divided into laying hen cages, broiler chicken cages and breeder chicken cages;

According to the weight of the chicken, it is divided into light layer cages, medium layer cages and broiler breeder cages.

3. Drinking water equipment

Drinking water equipment is divided into the following five types: nipple type, hanging cup type, bucket type, cup type and sink type.

At the beginning of chicks and free-range chickens, buckets, hanging cups and sinks are mostly used, and free-range chickens are now tending to use nipple drinkers.55916184_847229382290800_7698180994871853056_n

4. Feeding equipment

In the feeding and management of chickens, feeding consumes a large amount of labor. Therefore, in order to improve labor efficiency, large-scale automated chicken farms adopt automated feeding systems.

The feeding system includes four parts: silo, hopper, feeding pipe and feeding pan.


5. Manure cleaning equipment

There are two ways to remove manure in the chicken house: manual manure removal and mechanical manure removal.

Commonly used equipment for mechanical manure cleaning includes: scraper-type manure cleaner, conveyor belt-type manure cleaner and drawer-type manure cleaner.

The manure scraper type manure cleaner is mostly used for step cages and free-range farming;

Conveyor-belt manure cleaners are mostly used in stacked cages;

The drawer-type manure removal board is mostly used for small stacked chicken coops.

6. Environmental control equipment

Lighting equipment is mainly chicken house lighting fixtures and lighting automatic controllers. The lighting fixtures mainly include incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, ultraviolet lamps, energy-saving lamps and portable spotlights, etc., which can be selected according to needs.

The main function of the wet curtain and fan cooling system is that the summer air enters the chicken house through the wet curtain, which can reduce the temperature of the air entering the chicken house, which has the effect of cooling.


Fully automated chicken raising equipment, as the name implies, is intelligent and automated chicken raising equipment that does not require manual operation. The use of fully automated chicken raising equipment by farmers can not only reduce the labor cost of the chicken farm, but also complete various tasks in the chicken farm more efficiently. It is a "good helper" for large-scale farming of farmers.

7. Egg collection machine

Automatic egg collection series and horizontal egg collection series products have scientific and reasonable structure, sturdy and durable, easy to operate, save time and effort, just press the button to complete the egg collection operation, the egg collection is smooth, the egg collection speed is fast, and the egg damage rate is extremely high Low cost, high efficiency and stability, greatly improve the efficiency of breeding work, reduce labor input, and reduce feeding costs. It is an ideal equipment for upgrading the laying hen farming industry.

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