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Troubleshooting of common faults in the water line feed line of chicken husbandry equipment

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In chicken farms that generally adopts flat farming or online farming, the drinking line and feeding line of chicken husbandry equipment is basic and relatively important equipment, so if there is a problem with the water line and the feeding line of the chicken farm, it will threaten the healthy growth of the chicken flock. Therefore, farmers must use the feed line equipment reasonably and scientifically, and solve them in a timely manner when there is a failure. The following chicken equipment manufacturer PHOENIX will talk about the solutions to common faults in the water line feed line.

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Common fault 

1: The motor of the feeding line does not work: After this fault occurs, check whether the motor has been burned. You can remove the power line on the motor from the control cabinet and connect it to the main power supply separately to check whether the motor is running. If the motor If it is running, it means that there is a problem in the control cabinet. You can check whether the contactor in the control cabinet is working normally and whether the line contacts are loose. If the motor does not run, check whether the wire is broken. If there is a problem with the motor, it needs to be repaired.

 2: feeding line auger problem: feeding line auger must not be reversed, if it is reversed, the auger will be broken or the auger will be pushed out of the feeding pipe. If the auger breaks, the user should contact the manufacturer to quickly replace or weld the auger.

3: Water feed line lifting system problem: The lifting system plays a key role in the entire water line feed line equipment. If there is a problem with the lifting system, the feed line will not be able to lift to the proper height, which will affect feed Intake of the chicken .Therefore, after each batch of chickens is raised, it is necessary to regularly check whether the lifting system and movable pulleys is normal.

How to choose chicken equipment and how to choose nipple drinker

Nipple drinkers are relatively common in chicken farms, and their advantages are very obvious: 

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1. Airtight, reducing the probability of contamination; 

2. The way chickens drink water promotes the growth and growth of chickens; 

3. Chicken beaks cannot be in direct contact with water , reduce the infection rate of the disease, drinking fountains are indispensable chicken drinking water equipment for farms, and now the more common type of drinking fountains in farms are nipple drinking fountains, so there are more manufacturers producing nipple drinking fountains in recent years , but the products of each manufacturer are different in terms of materials, so how should farmers choose to buy high-quality and cheap breeding equipment? Chicken husbandry equipment manufacturers will tell you about it.

1. Farmers should determine the performance of nipple drinkers based on the type of chickens they breed. The valve opening force is about 40 grams, which is suitable for adult chickens, and the valve opening force is about 10 grams, which can be used for both young and adult chickens.

2. Choose products from regular manufacturers with tracking service and after-sales service;

3. Check product quality. The products of most nipple drinker  manufacturers in my country are designed with gaskets.

4. The intrinsic quality of the gasket is a critical issue. Quite a few manufacturers use rubber to make them. 

The general lifespan of this kind of pad is only about half a year. In the high temperature environment in summer, it will become soft and stick to the sealing port, resulting in insufficient water supply or even no water. When it is too cold in winter, it becomes hard, easy to age, and often leaks. This kind of product will bring a lot of trouble to the user. The way to check the quality of the gasket is very simple. Burn it with firewood or a burner. If the surface becomes sticky, it cannot be used. 

5. Regarding the installation of nipple drinking fountains, the installation of nipple drinking fountains must be standardized, otherwise it will easily cause problems such as uneven water supply. After the nipple drinker is installed, water should be given immediately. The reason is that when the drinker is just installed, the chicken feels fresh and pecks with its beak. As a result, water comes out as soon as it is pecked. It forms a conditioned reflex and pecks when it is thirsty. If water is not provided in time after installation, the chickens will stop pecking if they cannot peck anything, and they will not know how to drink after being given water. In addition, chickens cannot use drinking fountains within 20 days after beak trimming, because the beak hurts and they dare not peck.

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