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Autumn is coming, how to adjust the temperature difference in the chicken coop?

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It has already entered the early autumn, and the rare high temperature in the dog days of this year seems to be vividly remembered. However, in recent days, the temperature in many areas in the north has dropped below 20°C. Many farming friends ask how to operate the temperature difference between seasons and how to make the chickens adapt faster. Or how to adjust the temperature difference now? This time, we discuss this temperature difference issue from the perspective of broilers.

The temperature difference refers to the temperature difference index, and what we call the temperature difference refers to the relationship between the temperature in the house and the temperature of the body. The air at different temperatures from the outside enters the chicken house and is artificially adjusted to reach the actual temperature of the chicken body.

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The temperature difference is divided into small environmental temperature difference, and large environmental temperature difference includes spring, summer, autumn and winter temperature difference and day and night temperature difference. This kind of external temperature cannot be controlled artificially. The temperature difference in the small environment includes the temperature difference between the front and back of the chicken house, the temperature difference between the upper and lower, and the temperature difference between the left and right. Among them, the small environment is the most critical. As long as it is adjusted properly, all problems can be solved. The temperature is supplemented on the basis of ventilation in winter, and the temperature is cooled on the basis of ventilation in summer. It's just looking for temperature balance. And generally there will not be a large temperature difference.

Is it normal for the chicken house to have a temperature difference? Poultry does not need a temperature difference, but judging from the current management technology, it is obviously unrealistic to achieve no temperature difference in the chicken house, and how we try to reduce the temperature difference by improving management factors is the key. It is enough to ensure that the temperature difference is within the acceptable range of the chicken flock. And it is recommended that it is normal to open a certain amount of mouths during the young age of the flock, because if they do not open their mouths, there is bound to be a possibility of cold in a small area. Therefore, we can only avoid a series of problems caused by temperature differences as much as possible in actual production.

What impacts may the large temperature difference have on the flock?

1. Causes mental depression and decreased feed intake.

2. The uniformity of large groups is uneven.

3. Cause colds and respiratory diseases.

4. Excitement, secondary Escherichia coli and air sacculitis.


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Reasons and adjustments for different temperature differences:

1. Large front-to-back temperature difference: common in transitional ventilation and longitudinal ventilation. If the fan is turned on more, the air inlet is opened smaller, or the fan is turned on less, the air inlet is opened, which will cause the air flow rate in the chicken house to be slow, resulting in a large temperature difference between the front and back. In summer, if the vertical fans are not fully turned on to more than 50%, water curtain water supply is used. The wind speed cannot reach the circulation rate, and the cold air cannot be sent to the rear end, and the front-end chickens may be stressed. The temperature difference in the chicken house is too large. At this time, we should either reduce the negative pressure, or reduce the surface area of the water curtain, or increase the number of exhaust fans to solve the problem of large temperature difference between the front and rear.

2. Temperature difference between top and bottom: Compared with the ground and the grid, the temperature difference between the top and bottom of the cage can reach 2-4°C, especially when the cages are raised in high-level cages, there will be a stress response. Hot air rises and cold air descends, so for chickens that have just been separated, if the temperature of the chickens in the upper cage is suitable. There may be a risk of cooling the lower cage. (A turbulent fan such as an axial fan can be installed to transport the cold air at the lower end to the upper end of the shed through the pipe, so that the hot air at the upper end can descend)


3. The temperature difference between left and right: the small windows on the wall of the shed are not opened evenly. For example, the opening size is different, or the heater blade motor of the water heater fails to work, or there is natural wind to push the hot air to the other side of the chicken house. It should be improved according to the specific original body.

4. Seasonal temperature difference: seasonal transition and autumn frost weather. The four seasons alternate, the climate is very prone to sudden changes, and people are often caught off guard. On occasional windy days, the temperature should be raised appropriately to reduce the short-term sudden change in temperature difference. Pay attention to the weather forecast in time and make timely adjustments.

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5. Temperature difference between day and night: After autumn, it can be clearly felt that the daytime is hotter and the nighttime is cooler. In addition, small day-old chickens also need to consider the temperature difference caused by rainy and snowy weather and foggy and frosty weather. Properly increase ventilation during the day, and pay attention to low temperature compensation at night.

Temperature differences can exist and most of them are unavoidable, but they must be controlled within the acceptable range of the chicken flock's temperature. You can't keep an eye on the environmental control and you must look at the chicken's temperature. The performance of the chicken flock is often the most real. Make corresponding adjustments based on the age of the flock and the environmental control equipment.

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