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Automatic Feeding And Drinking System Broiler breeding

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For growing animals, food and water are what they need, but for our larger farms, how to provide good food and water for broiler chickens is a key issue, because chickens have different growth Stages, so different stages require different feed and water conditions, so we need to use Automatic mechanized feeding and drinking equipment to raise chicken.


What is the application effect of the water line and feed line in the automatic feeding of commercial broilers? Here is some information about this:


In the management of the chicken industry, calculated according to the time spent, the feeding time accounts for more than a quarter of the total management time. Therefore, the mechanization of the feeding line is an important part of the mechanization of the whole chicken house.


In the design of automatic chicken raising equipment, we need to consider the characteristics of chicken feed first. At present, layer and broiler chickens are generally fed with dry feed. It can be granular or crumbly. As for cage chickens, they are usually fed a powdered or breaded feed. However, powdered feed is easily lost when chickens peck. To reduce losses, more people use breadcrumb feed.


automatic chicken house

Generally speaking, commercial broilers are easier to realize mechanized rearing than cage broilers. Because in the flat multiplier, only a fixed feeder is installed. However, in order to better improve the breeding efficiency and better benefit the growth and development of chickens, for the development of enterprises, not only laying hens are raised in different grades, but also broiler chickens are mostly raised on flat floors, so chickens raised on the ground and on net beds are more common.

Description ofautomatic feeding system 

It is composed of a hopper, a feeding pipe, an auger, a feeding tray, a suspension lifting device, a motor, and a material level sensor. Its main function is to transport the material in the hopper to each tray, and then the meat level sensor will automatically control the opening and closing of the motor when the broiler eats, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic feeding.

Main Features of Broiler Feeder Pans:

1. The material door switch can adjust the output volume, and the adjustment method is convenient, fast and accurate.

2. The V-shaped corrugated plate bottom can reduce the amount of stock at the bottom of the plate, which is convenient for chickens to eat fresh

3. The edge of the feeder pan is tilted towards the center of the pan to prevent the feed from spilling out and causing waste

4. The outer edge is smooth and inclined to prevent the tusk of the broiler from being injured, and to eat safely and comfortably.

automatic feeding system

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5. The volume of the feed tower can be designed according to the number of chickens.

6. The electric control box adopts a better material level sensor, which greatly improves the feeding accuracy.

7. The height of the feeding pan can be increased or decreased according to the age of the chicken.

Main Features of fully automatic water line

Not only can it complete the normal water supply and dosing function, but it is also designed with a pipeline flushing function, which can effectively flush the sediment and dirt in the system, provide more hygienic and clean drinking water for the poultry house, avoid poultry diseases caused by water pollution, and improve The survival rate of poultry is improved; the water line can be raised and lowered according to the requirements of different ages of poultry. At the same time, it can improve the automation level of the poultry breeding industry, reduce labor costs and reduce breeding costs. It is the supporting equipment for large-scale and intensive farms.


The basic method of waterline cleaning

During the breeding period, we need to clean the breeding water line regularly, which is quite important. So, in the process of cleaning, what method should we adopt and what aspects should we pay attention to? This is a question that I want to introduce to you today. Let's see.

 drinking line

1. During the breeding period, the water line feed line system will keep the drinking water system clean during the breeding period. In order to realize that animals drink clean water every day, the occurrence of intractable diarrhea and enterotoxicity can be reduced.


2. The daily maintenance of the waterline requires less waterline cleaning than the cleaning after slaughter, and it costs less and saves costs while achieving health.


3. Disinfect and maintain water tanks, water pipe lines, and drinking water systems on a regular basis to avoid uneven drinking water caused by blockage and leakage, to achieve food and drinking volume, achieve health, and improve uniformity.


4.The purpose of the clean water line is to achieve the health of animals and the smoothness of the drinking water system. Therefore, it is recommended not to wait until the water pipe is blocked before passively cleaning or disinfecting the water pipe.


The mechanized large-scale production of the water line and feed line has greatly improved the important position of the chicken feed line in the breeding function. We have been committed to the vigorous development of chicken feed production line! We have been working hard on updating our products. Our products meet the current farming needs and are of high quality. More users use it.


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