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All You Need To Know about Chicken Water Nipples drinkers

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Chicken drinking nipples are a fairly recent innovation in the backyard poultry world although the commercial industry has been using them for several years.In fact, regular nipple drinkers have not been used in the commercial poultry field for years.

Chicken nipples drinker are a handy little device designed to give water to chickens with minimal mess. They are small devices that look a bit like a spark plug. They screw into a bucket or similar water holder. When pecked at, the device releases a few drops of water to the chicken.nipple drinker line 

One of the biggest benefits of drinking nipples is the fact that it keeps the water fresh and clean and It is designed to cut down on wasted water that usually dampens bedding or makes puddles on the floor.

This is a great improvement over regular drinkers which slop water all over the place when bumped or jostled by the birds.

Damp bedding as you know, is a lovely environment for bacteria to grow in, so anything that cuts down the potential for bacterial growth is an improvement.


When it comes to chicken nipples you have a few different types to choose from. Here’s a brief rundown on the two types most commonly used:


Horizontal Chicken Nipples vs Vertical Chicken Nipples


Horizontal nippe drinker: These fix into the side of the bucket/dispenser you have chosen. Once you have drilled the hole you simply push it in to the hole. These are spring loaded so the bird has to peck at it to release the water. These seem to be the most efficient.

Vertical nipple drinker: Designed to fit under a container. These items work on the gravity principle, when the chicken moves the lever, water comes out.

These types come as ‘push in’ or ‘screw in’ fittings. The screw in types are further divided into those that are cleanable and those that aren’t.

Those that can be opened are simple in design and easy to clean – well worth the few extra pennies.


What Are The Benefits of Using Nipple Drinker?

Drinkers that provide an open reservoir of water must be cleaned and disinfected regularly to prevent the buildup of potentially pathogenic organisms in the water supply. 

The advantages of nipple drinkers are found in the significant improvement they offer in providing water free of organisms commonly found in the poultry house environment and in decreased water spillage. 

Nipple drinkers are effective in preventing microbiological contamination of clean water and help maintain dry litter conditions.  

Advances in ventilation and nipple watering systems have improved litter conditions to where they are no longer favorable for fly larval development in broiler houses.

                               ------Source: Suarez, D., Nolan, L., Swayne, D. E., McDougald, L., Glisson, J. (2013). Diseases of Poultry. Germany: Wiley.


automatic drinking line

Reduces waste: The nipple drinke will dispense a small amount of water each time it is pecked. There should be no dripping from the valve and no leakage from your container.


Keeps water clean: You can use a covered pail for a container so this will keep dust, dander and bedding out of the water. It also prevents the growth of mosquito larvae in the water.

Reduces potential for bacterial growth: Bacteria love warm, damp environments to grow in. The nipple drinker does not allow water to escape so damp bedding is eliminated.

Easy to use: Once you have trained your chickens how to use it, it is very simple for them to use.


Not just for chickens

Nipples can be used with nearly any bird, including quail, pheasant, peafowl, guinea fowl, pigeons, and more.

They can also be used for mink, rabbits, mice, rats, and ferrets.

How Many Chicken Nipples Do I Need?

Install one nipple for every 6-8 birds in moderate climates or one nipple for every 3-4 birds in hot climates.


Training Chickens to Use a Water Nipple

This is probably the most difficult part! If you have young birds they are likely to take to the new system quickly, the older ladies will be slower to embrace changes.

If you can demonstrate to them how it works and perhaps have some of your more amenable girls try it with your help you are off to a good start.

It should not take too long before your girls are inquisitive enough to peck at the drinker nipples, especially if you have removed all other drinkers from the area. The best time of year to try this is in the cooler weather – you don’t want them all gasping for water while they get the hang of using the new system.

It’s always a good idea to watch them for a while and make sure they are getting accustomed to the new style.

Hens that are partially sighted or blind may have some difficulty changing over to this type of system. The nipple requires some precision placement of the beak to be able to access the water.

I would recommend not changing over to a new system for those impaired hens unless you are willing to spend a lot of time training them.


Common Problems

Most of the problems that occur have to do with leakage. It is very important to follow the installation instruction carefully. Make sure the hole you drill is the right size.

When handling and placing the nipple be careful not to damage the piece while inserting it.

They come with a silicone washer on the screw-in side to ensure a tight compression fit. If your hole is too big, it won’t function well at all. Also ensure the unit sits up straight in the hole.

If the unit is leaking around the nipple itself, try taking it apart and cleaning it out. The outlet is tiny so a very small piece of dirt can cause a blockage to the ball.

You can buy chicken nipples almost anywhere but please be cautious about buying cheap, ‘knock offs’ – you get what you pay for.


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