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Pigeon breeding method

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1. Choose a pigeon farm and build a pigeon house. Pigeon farms should be built in places without germs and "three wastes" pollution, with high terrain, good drainage, leeward and sunny, and far away from downtown areas. The loft should be of brick wood or civil structure, dry and clean, fresh air, good lighting and ventilation.

2. Control the environment. In winter, you should keep warm, but the ammonia smell in the sealed loft is very strong, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of pigeons. In addition to boiling vinegar and fumigating on the stove to reduce the ammonia smell, you can also open windows for ventilation; In rainy seasons, the loft should be cleaned to ensure ventilation and dryness, especially the padding under the nest basin should not be affected by moisture; Prevent heatstroke in hot summer and pay attention to ventilation.

3.Ensure the quality of feed and make scientific ingredients. Feed more small grain feed, increase mung beans and shelled wheat, and reduce shelled grains. All kinds of feed should be soaked and softened, dried and then fed. Feed less and add more frequently. Corn, wheat, sorghum and other grains should be added to the feed formula of young pigeons, and the feed for pigeons should contain enough proteins. Breeders generally feed pigeons on the principle of full production and feeding pigeons.

4.There is an adequate supply of drinking water. The amount of drinking water of meat pigeons changes with the change of environment and temperature. The amount of drinking water in summer is more than that in other seasons, and the amount of drinking water of caged meat pigeons is more than that of level fed meat pigeons. The water dispenser should be clean and sanitary, and the water supply should be clean and pollution-free.

5.Add health sand and cod liver oil. In order to improve the weight of meat pigeons out of the cage and be conducive to health, 7-30 day old meat pigeons were fed with special health sand twice a day, 1 capsule each time; COD liver oil 1 capsule per day. The health care sand should be prepared and used now. Generally, coarse sand, bone powder, shell powder, etc. Are mixed first (3-4 days at a time), and then the ingredients with low dosage, easy oxidation and easy dissolution are mixed with the prepared health care sand before feeding.

6.Increase the lighting time. In order to make pigeons eat more, promote their rapid growth, and increase the time for female pigeons to feed pigeons, it is best to turn on several 6-10 watt energy-saving lights in the loft at night.

7.Pay attention to increase or decrease of padding. Pigeon nests should increase or decrease padding according to season and temperature changes to ensure that the belly of meat pigeons is warm and not cold.

8.Pigeons should be bathed regularly. Regular bathing can not only prevent the invasion of pigeon ectoparasite, but also stimulate pigeons to secrete the growth hormone and promote growth and development.

9.Change the position of young pigeons on time. Change the position of the young pigeons every 2 to 3 days, so that the young pigeons can be taken care of in a balanced way.

10.Do a good job in disease prevention and control. Breeding pigeons imported from outside must undergo strict quarantine and isolation observation; try to breed and support yourself; do not mix other livestock and poultry in the pigeon farm; pay attention to cleaning and regular disinfection, and drink disinfectant to pigeons every 5 days; breeders should be healthy, free of infectious diseases, and can enter the breeding area only after being disinfected in the disinfection room.

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