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Do raising chickens need to clean up the waterline?

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In order to avoid contamination by external bacteria during chicken breeding, the waterline of the chicken house is completely closed. Many chicken farms only supply water according to time and neglect disinfection. The pollution of drinking water by the waterline has become the main source of sickness of chickens. Many do not understand the farmers will certainly ask how to raise the chicken to clear the waterline, clear the waterline of the method have what? Automatic Pan Feeder System Manufacturer shares with you.

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Do you need to clean the waterline for chickens? Raise a chicken to clear waterline is a job that farm must want to do well. Because the waterline is closed, it is difficult to observe the internal conditions, causing a large number of bacteria to multiply, and a large number of microorganisms to accumulate in the pipeline. This will form a bacterial film, which will eventually affect the health of the chicken flock. In addition, the drug released by the waterline will also form a precipitate in the pipeline, causing the pipeline to be blocked.

The first reasons to clean up the waterline: Avoid breeding microorganisms. If not cleaned for a long time, a large amount of dirt, drug residues, and algae will be generated in the water pipes, drinking fountains, and water tanks, which will cause the flowing waterline to be full of bacteria and cause chicken health. It is a threat, so the waterline should be regularly cleaned to ensure that the chicken flocks have clean drinking water every day.

The second reason to clean up the water line: Avoid the scales blocking the nipples. If the nipples are blocked, it will cause the chickens to drink unevenly, especially in the summer when the chickens do not drink enough water to cause stress reactions or even heat stroke. Regularly cleaning the water lines can ensure that chickens Herds get sufficient water.

The third reason to clean up the water line: Affect the immune effect of the chicken flock. If the waterline is not cleaned for a long time, there will be algae and drug residues. Immunization with the lyophilized vaccine will seriously affect the vaccine effect and eventually cause immune failure.

You can choose an acidifier to clean up the waterline. The acidifier can effectively remove dirt and kill harmful bacteria at the same time, thus playing a role in cleaning the waterline. The operation with acidifier is relatively simple, it only needs to add acidifier in the water, and then wash the pipe several times will become very clean.

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