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Automatic Drinking Water System

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Poultry farmers are often picky about the quality of their feed. However, do they maintain the same high standards for the quality of drinking water at home?

Clean, fresh water is equally important to the health of your animals. If you don't clean your drinking lines regularly, they can pose a threat to your chickens' health.

To meet the specific requirements of any type of poultry (i.e. broilers, turkeys, ducks, breeders and layers), Cangzhou Phoenix can offer a wide range of drinking water systems as well as indispensable accessories.


Hygiene should be an important criterion when choosing an automatic drinking water system. You can evaluate the quality of your drinking water system by looking at the seals, housing, and flushing system. Providing clean fresh water is our top priority in Phoenix. Therefore, our drinking water lines are always closed systems and easy to manage. Adjusting the water pressure, rinsing or changing the height of the nipple is all a one-person job and can be done quickly and accurately.

Hygienic drinking water systems for all situations

Our drinkers are available in different versions for all types of poultry. Learn about the features of two drinking systems - nipple drinkers and cup drinkers. Both solutions are closed systems that keep your birds healthy and your house floors dry at all times.

drinking nipple

   Automatic drinking system with nipple for broilers, broiler breeders and laying hens. It is designed to be rugged and high-performance. Durable material can withstand all common cleaning products and heavy washing. Additional benefits are summarized below:

Clean fresh water with reliable drinking water pipe flushing system

Have an extremely useful and thorough solution for flushing your drinking water system. The process is simple; you'll never skip a rinse process again. You can also use drinking water lines to distribute and administer medications and vaccines. Deep cleaning technology removes residue quickly. To maintain good house hygiene, litter needs to be kept dry. This will be good for the health of your chicken feet. For this reason, the nipple has a double seal to prevent leakage.


A full range of nipple drinkers suitable for breeding or production stages

Pacifiers are available in plastic or metal housings . Made by 304 stainless steel,For larger or heavier poultry, such as broiler breeders, you can opt for drinking nipples in metal housings. You can also decide how operable the nipple is. Day-old chicks benefit from nipples that can move 360°. Adult birds will learn to push their nipples upward out of habit.


If you want a higher water capacity, you'll need a drip cup.can also call nipple drinker with drip cup. Since water is collected in the cup, the litter stays dry. The drip cup is deep enough and only has one arm, which means the chickens have more room to reach the drinking nipples. The rounded design of all parts also limits the risk of injury to the bird.


bell drinker system

Open water source suitable for all types of poultry

Phoenix's product range includes not only nipple drinkers but also bell drinkers, which vary according to the type and weight of the chicken.

Bell-shaped drinking fountains are usually hoisted. The bell body remains clean thanks to the narrow water flow that flows along its sides. Water doesn't splash over the edges, so there's no waste. This prevents the formation of ammonia in the house as the litter remains dry.


Hygienic drinker designed for turkey feeding and fattening

We offer you drinkers specifically designed for turkeys. The drinkers provides a sufficient amount of hygienic drinking water for turkeys of all ages, even heavy roosters with a live weight of more than 20 kg.

Consists of a 28 mm nipple tube, a stainless steel-reinforced double-arm cup as an open water source and two nipples with pendulums. This ensures optimal access to drinking water and a very reliable water supply.


Poultry drinking water system is a common and ideal drinking water equipment in poultry farms. The closed centralized water supply line can ensure clean water supply for all chicken cages in large chicken houses. The chicken drinking water system can provide fresh and clean drinking water, effectively prevent drinking water leakage, keep the air in the chicken house dry, reduce the reproduction of ammonia and mold, improve the environment inside the chicken house, eliminate external pollution, and reduce environmental pollution in the chicken house. incidence of disease.

The poultry drinking water system mainly consists of water diversion pipes, filters, dosing devices, pressure regulating valves, lifting systems, nipple drinkers, etc. The poultry drinking water system uses centralized water supply. Water is drawn from the water source by a water pump, and after purification and disinfection, it is sent to water storage equipment for storage. Each row of chicken cages in the chicken house will be equipped with a corresponding water distribution pipe, and clean drinking water is sent to the nipple drinker in each chicken cage through the water distribution pipe. Eventually, the chickens drink from nipple drinkers.

Quality of closed drinking water systems

You now know the benefits of a closed drinking water system and the components of a system. Are you considering purchasing a closed drinking water system? Well these are important questions to keep in mind.

Quality of the teat: A good teat will seal quickly and not leak when the chicken stops drinking. This will ensure your poultry house stays dry.

·Quality of the lines: PVC lines with a smooth inner surface are less likely to grow bacteria as dirt does not adhere well to the wall.


Quality of the system: Use adequate suspension points to prevent lines from sagging and ensure animals cannot sit on drinking lines.

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