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7 Details Of Managing Broiler Feeding

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1. Arrange the cleaning and disinfection of the chicken coop as soon as possible after the last batch of chickens are out of the market to ensure sufficient empty coop time.

2. The floor shall be clean, dry, leveled and disinfected.

3. The same batch of chickens should be kept in the same chicken house to prevent the cross infection of diseases.

4. Density: in general, density should be 8 per square meter. In winter, it can be appropriately increased to 10 per square meter. At the beginning of brooding, it can be 35 per square meter.

5. Temperature: because the chick's own thermal regulation system has not yet developed, some heating systems need to be provided to heat the chicks.

6. Humidity: keeps the the relatively low humidity high humidity for 1-2 weeks in the early stage, and keep the relative low humidity for 3 weeks to be published. The reference standard is: the relative humidity can be controlled at 65%-70% for 1-2 weeks, 55%-60% later, and at least 40%.

7. Ventilation requirements: broilers need good ventilation in the whole feeding cycle, especially in the late feeding period.Control method: the brood room shall be closed for the first 3 days of brood, and the top vent can be opened later. In summer and autumn, open the doors and windows properly according to the outside temperature, but prevent the cold air from blowing directly onto the chicks; In cold seasons, room temperature shall be increased by 2-3 ℃ before ventilation, and the sunny windows shall be properly opened at noon and afternoon when the outside temperature is high for ventilation.

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