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Five Requirements for Building A Chicken House

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Nowadays, chickens are raised in many areas. Raising chickens is inseparable from building chicken coops. There are many types of chicken coops, but no matter what kind of raising method, the existence of chicken coops is very necessary. The following article will focus on the basic requirements for building a chicken coop.


1. Design with or without windows

Because the metabolism of chickens is relatively strong, and during the metabolism of chickens, there is a greater demand for gases, and more harmful gases are emitted. In order to ensure the chickens' demand for fresh air and to facilitate the discharge of harmful gases, the ventilation conditions of the chicken house must be good. If the chicken house is designed with windows, ventilation will be the main focus. If it is a chicken house without windows, For chicken houses, fans must be installed for forced ventilation. When we build chicken houses, we must consider ventilation and ventilation designs in advance.

2. Disinfection pool

In order to prevent and control various diseases and ensure the health of chickens, daily sterilization and disinfection of chicken houses is essential. Under normal circumstances, sterilization and disinfection are inseparable from water. The sewage mixed with water and debris from the chicken house needs to be easily discharged from the chicken house. Therefore, this requires the height inside the chicken house to be higher than the height outside the chicken house, usually 0.2 to 0.3 meters higher. We can design drainage ditches around the chicken house, and a disinfection pool can also be set up at the entrance of the chicken house.

3. Thermal insulation design

Raising chickens is not easy, because chickens are relatively "delicate" and cannot be heated or frozen. Therefore, when chicken farmers build chicken coops, they must consider the cold protection, heat preservation and heatstroke prevention and cooling of the chicken coop in advance. The roof and walls of the chicken house should be insulated to reduce the impact of outdoor temperature and sunlight on the inside of the house in summer; in some areas with cold winters, multi-layer chicken houses can be built to lower the low temperature in winter.


4. Lighting in the chicken house

Light plays a very important role in raising chickens, including heat preservation, growth promotion, sterilization and disinfection, etc. Therefore, when building a chicken coop, you must consider how to make better use of natural light and the setting up of artificial lighting equipment. Considering that our country is in the northern hemisphere, the chicken coop facing south is more conducive to the lighting effect: in winter, the sun angle is very oblique to get more light, and in summer the sun angle is very straight, which can reduce the direct sunlight entering the chicken house.

5. Window protection

When building a chicken coop, if windows are installed, attention should be paid to protecting the windows to prevent some birds and animals from accidentally entering the chicken coop, causing panic among the chickens or spreading diseases. Barbed wire can usually be used to achieve protective effects.

The above are the five basic design requirements for the construction of chicken coops. The prerequisite for raising chickens is the construction of chicken coops, and a good chicken house is the key to successful chicken raising. Therefore, we cannot take it lightly. If the chicken coop construction process meets the requirements Based on the points introduced above, it can be said that there is no problem with your chicken coop.

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